Swimming Pool Equipment, Accessories & Chemicals



Swimming Pool Filters


Sand Filters:


Alpha Sand Filter                 Triton HD Side Mount Filter    
Sand Dollar Top Mount Filter Triton C Filter
Tagelus Top Mount Filter
Triton C-3 Filter
Triton II Side Mount Filter THS Horizontal Filter

Pentair DE Filters:


FNS Plus Filter  
SM 2000 Series  

Quad DE Filter

Pentair Cartridge Filter:

Clean and Clear Plus Filter

Swimming Pool Pumps


Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump Pinnacle High Performance Pump
Challenger High Pressure Pump
Hydropump Specialty Pump
Challenger High Flow Pump
WaterFall Specialty Pump
WhisperFlo High Performance Pump C Series Commercial Bronze Pump
EQ Series Commercial Plastic Pump  

Electronic Smart Pump


Portable Filter System   


FNS Plus DE Portable System
Quad DE Portable System
Sand Dollar Filter System

Automatic Pool Cleaners


Kreepy Krauly Automatic Pool Cleaner
E-Z Vac Automatic Pool Cleaner
Kreepy Cadet Pool Cleaner

Prowler Automatic Cleaner


Maintenance & Safety Equipment


Pentair Rainbow Nylon Brush
Pentair Rainbow Leaf Scoop/Skimmer
Pentair Rainbow Algae Brush
Pentair Floats & Safety Hook
Pentair Floating Chemical Dispenser
Pentair Rainbow Leaf Rakes
Pentair Rainbow Telescopic Poles & Accessories
Pentair Rainbow Test Kits
Pentair Rainbow DPD & Bromine Test Kit
Pentair Rainbow Water Hardness Test Kit
Pentair Rainbow Rapid Test Strips
Pentair Rainbow Floating Thermometers
Pentair Rainbow Vinyl Liner Pool Vacuums
Pentair Rainbow Flexible Pool Vacuums
Pentair Rainbow ProVac Flexible Commercial Vacuums
Pentair Rainbow Leak Detector Kit
Pentair Rainbow Test Reagents (oto solution, ph solution)
Vacuum Hoses




Star Guard Drain Cover
Special Fittings
Main Drain Sumps
Union Fittings
Hydrostatic Valve
Pool Specialty Fittings
Commercial Main Drain
Rope Anchors & Hooks
Frames, Grates and Plates
Wall fittings
Spa Jet Fittings
Vacuum Fittings
Directional Eyebal Fittings (return)




Lifegard Automatic Chlorine/Bromine Feeders
Automatic Feeder Accessories
Rainbow High Capacity Chlorine/Bromine Feeders

Chemical Feed Pumps, SR-4000 Series
Intellichlor, Salt Chlorinator




Whisper Jet Air Blower

Silencer Blower




MiniMax 100 Gas Heater
Master Temp Gas Heater
Thermalflo Heat Pump


Pool Lights & Accessories


Spectrum Amerlite (SAM)        AquaLight
Spectrum Aqualight (SAL)
CSA AquaLight
SpaBrite AquaLuminator
FIBERworks Fiber Optics Lighting Systems
AquaLumin III
Intellibrite White LED Lights
Intellibrite Color LED Lights
Stainless Steel Niches
Fountain Lights & Fixtures
Mounting Ring
Plastic Niches


Automation (Control Systems)


Valve Actuator
AquaPC OnPoint
Smart PH
AcuCheck 3




Admiral Skimmer Accessories
Bermuda Skimmers
FAS 100 Skimmers



Multiport Valves     Pre-plumbed Valves
Hi-Flow Valves
Diverter Valves
TA (Tagelus) Valves
Ortega Valves


Deck Equipment


ALPHA 4-Shape Grabrails
ALPHA P-Shape Grabrails
ALPHA A-Shape Grabrails
ALPHA Ladders 
ALPHA Handrails 


Water Features


Aquascope Fountain
Magic Stream Laminar
Magic Falls Water Effects
Wallspring Decorative Accents
Deck Jet I & II

Specialty Pool Surfaces



Pool Surface Finishes

Pool Coatings


Wave Machines


Diving Boards






Algae Control Poolmate           
Granular Calcium Hypochlorite
Algaecide 60 Poolmate DICALITE Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder (US)
Dry Acid
Zeolite (Zelbrite)
PH Anchor
Copper Sulfate
PH Increaser
Potassium Alum
Stain and Scale Preventor
Soda Ash
GUARDEX Conditioner


Sauna Equipment


Above Ground Pools


SPA Equipment


Spare Parts



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