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Agricultural Machinery & Equipment

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Alpha means quality when it comes to Agricultural Machinery and Equipment. Since 1966, we have been able to provide the farmers with the most efficient agricultural equipment and machinery designed to adopt to local conditions. We provide the most comprehensive agricultural machinery needed in land preparation to harvest and post-harvest like tractors, implements, irrigation systems, sprayers and pest control equipment, and other plant care equipment and supplies.

Swimming Pool Equipment & Accessories

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Swimming Pool equipment, accessories and chemicals are all available in our comprehensive swimming pool and spa product line.

We are the Philippines’ number one source of swimming pool equipment, accessories and chemicals. We have a complete line of high quality pool and spa products from pool filters, pool chemicals, pool accessories, pool cleaners, pool lights, pumps, heaters, pool building materials and a lot more.

We are the exclusive distributor (Philippines) of Pentair Pool and Spa products from USA.

Dive into our widest range of swimming pool equipment and supplies!

Water Systems

We at Alpha are committed to provide complete solutions for water systems. We are geared to cover every need for irrigation water, commercial and industrial water from water source to storage, systems installation, design, and other applications.

Water Treatment Systems

We have the largest selection of water filters and water treatment chemicals specially tailored to your specific water problem. We make sure that our customers get the quality of water they need for a specific application.

Power Generation Systems

We had sold numerous Bunker-Fired Power Plants in the Philippines.  Today, we are focusing on Green Technology or energy efficient and environmentally friendly energy sources.


We provide greater value to our customers by offering services as an extension of our regular products such as equipment maintenance, repair, installation, agri services and water analysis. Our goal is to meet various needs of our customers in an efficient, accurate and professional manner.

See our product page for the list of all our products and services.